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The mission of Y-Apply was crafted to promote the following principles: possibility, information, support and access.  These principles comprise the core brand of Y-Apply and are detailed below:


Possibility - Y-Apply desires to introduce the possibility of qualified high-achieving students from low- to middle-income families gaining admission to and attending the best colleges and universities in the nation as an attainable goal.


Information - Y-Apply wishes to ensure students and families from underrepresented populations have the most current information regarding financial aid and the application process to top colleges and universities so they can partner together to make informed and aspirational choices.


Support - Participants in Y-Apply's workshops receive ongoing support during key times in the academic year to strengthen 1) the likelihood they will apply to top-tier colleges and 2) the student-parent partnership in the college application process.


Access - By targeting top-tier colleges and universities, qualified high-achieving students from  underrepresented populations will increase their likelihood for admission and gain access to attend such colleges and universities.




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